SANS FOR610 Training & GREM Certification Review

SANS FOR610 Training The full name of the FOR610 training from SANS is “Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques”. The goal is to learn how to efficiently analyze malwares in various forms (mainly Windows and Script files) depending on what is the purpose of the analysis : to understand how a security incident started, […]

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SEETF 2022 – Sniffed Traffic

This is a small write-up of the “Sniffed Traffic” challenge from SEECTF 2022 (Forensics Category). Description : Author: EnyeiWe inspected our logs and found someone downloading a file from a machine within the same network.Can you help find out what the contents of the file are?For beginners: 71cd3bdbecece8d7919b586959f2d3b7 Solution : Once the capture file

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